Sunday, September 20, 2015

August and September, holy cow!

Well, August flew by and suddenly we were in school, how did that happen? So, how did we finish up the summer? Well, Jake got sick with hand foot and mouth and the girls learned to stay away from him as much as possible and became excellent hand washers. 

We played in the stream until it dried up. Samantha has been really excited about school, especially recess ;-) She is mostly excited because Catherine will play with her now. I think it is because they are not in the same class all day, they get a break from each other so they enjoy each other's company when they are together. This is a main reason why I split them into 2 classrooms and I'm so excited it worked!

Catherine is so much more talkative about school now and that is the other reason why I split them up. She gets in the car and talks about her daily job what she did with her friends. Her favorite classes are art and Spanish because she gets to dance the salsa in Spanish. She now always says "hola, buenos dias" to SeƱora in the hall.

We started to teach Jake new things, like how to dance well, how to do forward rolls, and how to sing. He LOVES to sing and he loves to climb and get into everything he can. He understands almost everything you say to him, it just depends on whether or not he wants to do what you ask. Usually if you are asking him to stop doing something the answer is "uh huh" and then he cries. He cries and walks around without looking where he is going and bumps into stuff and then has a legit reason to cry. Sam used to do the same thing. He is very observational, like Cat, and wants to do everything the girls do and gets mad when he can't. We're working on talking. He is right on the cusp of a breakthrough, but currently he still only has about 10 words or so.

Cat and I, yes she wants to be called "Cat" often, dressed like twins.

We went to Ripley's aquarium in Myrtle Beach. We got to touch jelly fish and go through the shark tunnel, which was awesome because not only did Jake get to see everything as it swam overhead, but we got to see a saw nosed shark!

Then we got to walk with the shark mascot, and he ate Cat's head! OK, he was giving her a hug, but I got a great angle on it.

Our first day of school, all 3 of us in the same building!

We squeezed in a late night trip to Duke Gardens this week as the weather got cooler and we could walk around without getting sweaty. We got to feed the ducks and had them eating out of our hands. Well, not the girls, they were too scared, but Jake thought it was funny.

"We're sisters, you mess with one you mess with both of us!"

Thursday, August 6, 2015

July was busy!

Lots of butterflies around our house this month and Dave was able to get some good shots. The girls really enjoyed watching them and running away from the bees at the same time. Oh, and the hummingbirds showed up at the feeder, but I wasn't able to get a shot of them.

We visited Uncle Mike, Aunt Alyssa, and Lily in D.C. and went to the Air and Space Museum and it was awesome!!!

(Catherine didn't want her picture taken.)

Gymnastics is really paying off for our girls' coordination! They showed off their skills at Lily's park. Samantha has been trying to find out where the 'line' is this summer, and then she looks at  you and smiles this sweet smile and you know you've been manipulated. She loves her little brother, except when he 'gets in trouble', which means he took her stuff. She has quite a lot of site words and can read whole stories to you verbatim from memory, it's amazing!

The fireman's pole was awesome!

Lily got daring and Uncle Mike let her, but he was also a little scared ;-)

Aunt Mary Anne came to visit and there was lots of swimming, sand, and shenanigans, naturally. Catherine the summer has decided she wants to be called Cat. She continues to be such a big help around the house cooking and cleaning and being a big sister to Jake. She has gotten so very expressive  with her hands, facial expressions, and tone of voice, mostly in a good way that it makes me smile all the time. Her math skills progressed this summer as did her coloring, especially when making Shrinky Dinks. Fearless on her bike, she can do backward rolls, too!

Jake helped Dave fix the bench, first with his magic wand, and then with the correct allen wrench. He's so helpful.

Jake has been amusing everyone in the house, including himself. He has such a personality! He knows exactly when to smile at you and make you laugh, he can be a drama queen when you take away something he isn't supposed to have (not sure what the boy term is for that), and he loves to feed the dog by taking her food out of her bowl and giving it to her piece by piece. Either that or from his own fork, both of which are highly discouraged but he doesn't care. He can run and he tries to fly by putting his arms out behind him. He likes to think he can drink from a cup, but he can't really. He is getting good with his fork, though. 

We visited Dave's family at the beach: 2 sets of 4-year-old twins running around a beach house causes a lot of noise, but they had a great time.

The 2 blondes, and the 2 not-so-blondes.

We played putt putt for the first time. Sam got a hole in one! She's actually better as a leftie, which makes Dave happy. Then, on the very next hole all 3 of us girls' balls went around the cup and out, boo.

At the pool one day Catherine suddenly decided that she wanted to jump in by herself. We were shocked and proud and soon they both were doing it nonstop.

This is Jake's beach cover up. It is a trifle too big, and Dave says he looks like a Jawa from Star Wars. If you don't know, those are the ones that say "Dink Dink" in Spaceballs.

We ended the month with everyone getting sick, especially Jake. So we'll leave you with this picture, because we did this a lot. Shhhhh.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The start of summer

We've been having a lot of fun in the last month. We've been to the beach twice, gone out to lunch with Great Grandma, went to a baseball game, went to the Ft. Fisher aquarium, and tried to relax as school came to an end.

Jake is running everywhere and is into everything. He loves to touch, open, turn, and explore. He wants to do everything his big sisters do. He liked the beach, just not when it was nap time. He liked to play in the wet sand, so a bucket half full of sand and half of water was his favorite thing. Sitting in the waves was fun too, but not as much fun as being picked up to 'jump' over the waves as they came in.

As usual the girls wanted to be in the water as much as possible. But they liked to do different things out of the water, too. Sam liked to go for walks with Mommy and Nana to collect seashells while Catherine liked to help Daddy build sand castles.

At the aquarium the girls had a great time and Jake really liked looking at the fish, too. Catherine was brave enough to touch a sting ray in the touch tank and after a little coaxing Samantha was brave enough to take her picture in the megalodon jaws. Catherine showed her climbing skills on the playground and we had a great time.

This is Jake's sweet ride for the pool. Cool and shady.

At home we all help water the plants, even Jake. Our garden is doing great! The peas are almost ready, tomatoes are still green but huge, and we're still waiting for the zucchini to grow. We catch a lot of lightning bugs, well, Catherine does. Samantha is too afraid of bugs so the closest she'll get is to hold a  leaf with a lightning bug on it. Jake's favorite new game is to hide on one side of the wall while you are on the other side, and then surprise you. He laughs and laughs!

At Nana and Grandpa's house (not just Nana's house!) they learned how to dance like a prince and princess, making Nana and Grandpa laugh and almost cry. Catherine helped make pizza and Grandpa cooked it on the grill in the rain. We had lunch with Great Grandma, too. Catherine had calamari and loved it. Samantha had a lot of fun playing with the little piece of dough they gave her. It was the inspiration for pizza that night. Catherine and Great Grandma also shared their love of puzzles.

Meeting Sid the science Kid and Super Why at the baseball game. More fun stuff to come, so keep checking in.