Monday, December 15, 2014

Last bit of fall fun

The girls are adjusting to life with a little brother on the move.  Catherine loves to try to make him happy if he is upset, which usually happens if he is left alone.  He definitely likes to be where the action is.  Catherine is pretty good at getting him to smile, she's a good big sister.  They all love to read together.

We had a ton of fun raking the leaves.  The girls even helped out after they had their fill of jumping and hiding in the leaves.

And here is our photogenic, smily little man who drools a LOT.  Can you see it dripping off his chin?  I have to wipe it off between takes and even that doesn't always work.  Yet still only 1 tooth to show for it all.

 Isn't he dapper in his fancy outfit and sweater vest? He's crawling and pulling himself up and is ready to do whatever the girls are doing!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

6 months old and school progress reports

I am so proud of my girls!  Their progress reports came home from school, just socio-emotional development and peer interactions so far as they adjust to preschool, but they are doing great!  The best part was the little notes from the teachers.

Catherine is apparently a little bouncy ball of happy energy with great self-help skills who is always eager to learn.

Samantha is the group positive person, always so excited about the next activity and a leader for positive behavior.  Both are polite and kind to their peers and adults and we're so proud to be their parents!

Jake is going to be 6 months old on Monday, can you believe it?!  He's crawling like an inchworm, moving from all 4s to his tummy, then pulling his feet back in and doing it all over again.  It is slow, but it works.  He also is eating baby food and he's pretty good at it.  He's not that big on cheerios yet, but he likes carrots, pears, bananas, squash, and apples.  Sweet potatoes are next.  He loves anything he can stick in his mouth and he will try to put anything in his mouth. We can't believe he doesn't have teeth yet because they have to be right there with all the chewing and drool.  Jake's favorite 'new toy' (because all his toys are the girls old toys) is the remote control.  We had to stop him from trying to eat the real one.

It's been a while since this has been updated and we've done so much.  We took one last trip to the beach while the weather was warm enough to sit in our bathing suits and build sand castles.  We also went to the inter coastal and checked out the hoards of fiddler crabs.  Jake and Grandpa had a serious conversation, too.

Then the weather got cooler and we got ready for Halloween.  The girls wore their costumes to trick or treat (which was kind of sad in our neighborhood), my school's Halloween carnival, their school's trunk or treat, and the Renaissance festival.  The fairy gave them a special stone and some pixie dust.

Uncle Bob, Aunt Marlene, and Paige came to visit and the girls insisted he play baseball with them.

Catherine has been my big helper when it comes to meal time.  She LOVES to help me measure and get out ingredients and stir, especially if it involves pancakes.  

This is the face Jake makes when he gets upset.  It makes me laugh, especially because Dave makes fun of him and makes a sad face too, and it is EXACTLY the same face. I've got to take a picture of both of them doing it.

So we've been busy and happy and loving life here at the Clark house!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

back to school for mommy

I went back to work this week and I think we've all managed to transition without too many bumps.  Dave can't sleep in until 8 or 9 anymore, and I can't bring the girls to school or pick them up anymore, but we're surviving.  I feel caught up on what I missed, and that's important.  But, let's get you caught up on my last few weeks of maternity leave.

We bought Jake and exersaucer at a consignment sale and it's the best $15 ever spent.  He LOVES it!  Seriously, you could leave him in there for 30 minutes or more and as long as you periodically chat with him (he's very social) he's good to go.  He loves to stand and turn and chew on all the stuff.

He's starting to sit on his own.  He's not upright, but he can kind of tripod with his hands and butt and do pretty well for himself.  I swear he'll be crawling soon because he's inching forward all the time, he just can't get his arms straight and his knees under himself simultaneously.  I just wish he would eat without looking all over the place and trying to stand up.  Very annoying.

The girls are having a wonderful time at school.  They come home talking about new friends and experiences, and they always have tons of art work.  Their teacher sends us pictures and here are a few.

Their teacher made me cry one day picking them up.  She told me that she loves having them in class because they are so upbeat and positive and happy.  They are polite and help their friends and always clean up and we should keep doing what we are doing because they are great kids.  Made my heart burst!

We took a trip to Duke Gardens for a little photo shoot and had a picnic.

Jake will be 5 months old tomorrow so I'll leave you with a happy face.

Monday, September 8, 2014

new starts

Well, we're now the proud parents of a baptized 4 month old boy and 2 3-year-old girls who go to preschool!

Isn't that the greatest smile!!?? It says "hey baby" and "ain't I adorable" all at once and I can't decide if it is good or bad or both but I don't care.  Jake is now 4 months old, 15 pounds 13 ounces and 24.5 inches long.  He seems huge to us and yet he's only running 50% in weight and 25% in height.  He was baptized in early August and we spent wonderful time with family.

Aunt Mary Anne read LOTS of stories.

Pops got lots of baby love from all the babies there.

And we took grab family pictures with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  Who would have thought that was possible?

With the Godparents, we are so proud to have such strong and caring people in his life.

This is what is looks like when Dave works to 11pm one night and has to be at work at 7am the next day.  He makes it to about 9pm and then they all quit.

And my girls are going to school!!!  They go for 3 hours 3 days a week and they love it.  They get in the car and Samantha especially talks nonstop about what they did and their new friends and what they ate for snack (or didn't eat).  Their teachers said that they are nice and polite and seemed very comfortable, which makes us happy and proud.  We both have mixed feelings about dropping them off in the morning.  They don't even say good bye, they just hang up their backpacks and say hi to their teachers and go in and get playing with their friends.  It makes us feel wonderful that they are excited about school and independent and happy, but a little sad that they don't miss us.  Don't they need me?  Yes.  I keep reminding myself that you always need your parents, no matter how old you are and they know that deep inside, even if it isn't a fully realized thought yet.  So look forward to updates about what the girls are saying about school and what Jake is eating, going to try to start bananas and sweet potatoes soon.  Yum!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The girls exploring new things

Well, I think the girls have really been enjoying their summer despite a little brother being thrown into the mix.  We took them to a baseball game and all they can talk about is the bull and how his tail moves and smoke comes out of his nose.  Catherine was especially excited, it was all she could talk about for days and every time she sees a baseball game on TV she thinks there will be a Durham Bull there.  We're taking them back at the end of the month, hoping that they'll last long enough to run the bases this time.

We went to visit Dave's family at Ocean Isle again this summer and the girls had a blast.  One of their favorite parts was the hammock.  We may have to figure out where to put one at the house.

No, this is not a picture of the girls, but I've got a picture of Catherine looking just like this. Jake may look a lot like Sam (except for his hair) but he acts a lot like Catherine.

Our new patio set came in one giant box and it has now become a fort/cave/castle/whatever.  We went to a Frozen party and made flurries for Olaf and put them on the doors.  A ton of stickers that were once on their legs ended up on the back.  Stickers are awesome!

The girls have also started taking gymnastics and they absolutely LOVE it!  After the first two classes in which they had a lot of difficulty sitting and waiting their turn they are doing great.  They had never done a class before with other kids and had to sit and watch what they were supposed to do before it was their turn to do it.  They've gotten much better and I love watching them.  Catherine just seems to have a natural talent, and I think it is starting to help Samantha's coordination, which makes me very happy.  She's kind of a klutz like her daddy, tripping over her own feet.  So, more to come soon after they start preschool, can you believe it!?